How to spot a fraudulent SMS?

A fraudulent SMS invites its recipient to call back a heavily surcharged phone number, starting with 0899, promising him a false profit.
 Any kind of deception is common among which, promises of winnings to games, fictitious meetings, or false offers of employment or requests for confirmation of a debit bank ...

Beware of too low prices

Although often allows you to find bargains, beware of abnormally low prices.
If you have doubts about the value of a product, take the time to check its price with other sellers of the same type of good.
If it turns out to be significantly cheaper, it is probably a scam.

How to report a fraudulent ad?

To report a suspicious ad, please click on the link at the bottom right of the ad text.
 The announcement will then be studied by our editorial team and removed from the site if necessary.
 You can also report fraudulent e-mails by clicking on the link provided for this purpose:
"report the announcement". (bottom of the ad)

Take care when making contacts in English or French approximate
Be alert for emails containing spelling or grammar errors and emails written in English. These are very often attempts at fraud.

Beware when the seller uses an intermediary
Be careful when a seller uses an intermediary to close the sale. It can be a fraud.

Avoid sharing your personal information
Avoid giving your personal information to contacts that are unknown to you and never communicate your banking information. Similarly, do not send documents concerning your property (eg registration certificate ...) before finalizing the transaction.

Always refuse requests for cash transfers by Western Union, Bidpay, Moneygram or MandatCash. These are not means of payment advises you to systematically refuse transfers by Western Union, Bidpay, Moneygram or Mandat Cash because you may never receive the product you want to buy and never get a refund.

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